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10 NEW Eli's Dirty Jokes Episodes

2016-01-04 13:40:46 by Doogtoons

For you Eli's Dirty Jokes lovers out there, we made 10 episodes last year that haven't hit YouTube yet. In honor of Eli Buchalter's passing last year, I'll be posting links to one ep a day for the next couple weeks. We'll miss you Eli! Here's the first: Eli's Dirty Jokes - The Switchblade Girlfriend
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2015 In Review

2015-12-24 18:08:33 by Doogtoons

2015!! What a great year!!

Thank you all so much for being part of it, I’m very grateful :) I had the privilege of directing and working on a bunch of cool projects with a bunch of awesome people, including several web series, music videos and a half-hour TV special. I also started the brand new "Animation Ninja" audio podcast for you animation junkies -

Looking forward to what's coming in 2016!! If you missed anything and want to check out my stuff from this year, here's a list:

PHOTOBOMB (Motion Graphics for GSN)

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Scariest Fan Encounter (Director)

Doog Draws a Cartoon Punk Character - Part 1 (Artist)

Doog Draws a Cartoon Punk Character - Part 2 (Artist)

Super Mario Bros. Theme Song - Goldentusk (w/ DoogToons) (Animation Director)

Doog Draws Super Mario (Artist)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Switchblade Girlfriend (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Badass Mice (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Down By The Docks (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Talking Dog for Sale (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - The Donation Station (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Rocktopus (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - The Elephant and the Ant (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Wedding Night Woes (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - Burning Love (Director)

ELI’S DIRTY JOKES - A Bedroom Pickle (Director)

IMPRESS ME Cast Interview (w/Jim and Piotr) - Part 1 (Director)

IMPRESS ME Cast Interview (w/Jim and Piotr) - Part 2 (SoulPancake collaboration) (Director)

STAR WARS EPISODE VII AUDITION: Jack Nicholson and George Lucas (Director)


Fight Stories: Skylar Astin kicks some a** (Fox Sports) (Director)

Fight Stories: Mario Lopez's Sayulita Surfing Smackdown (Fox Sports) (Director)

Fight Stories:  Josh Wolf wins via projectile vomit (Fox Sports) (Director)

THE TERMINATOR - SchwarZenatoR feat. BriansThing (Director)

L.B. Rayne's "Terminate Our Love" Kickstarter (Director)

L.B. RAYNE - Terminate Our Love (Director)

BLESSED ARE THE FAITHFUL - Dreams In The Witch House (Shit Movies) (Actor)

Derrick Peltz / Masterchef Animated Teaser (Director)

Kottonmouth Kings - Kronitron (Director)

2 Tinder Dates You Just Won’t Believe | Swoozie / Field Day (Animation Director)

Han Is Solo (Director)

It’s True… All Of It (Director)

A Day of Joy… (Director)

I Will Finish… (Director)

Happy Halloween! (Director)


Doog Draws The Legend of Santa (Artist)